Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Eve Eve

So what are you doing this New Year's Eve Eve?

DH says that my Scrap Dungeon area is quite the mess. Well it is in an unfinished basement so the whole basement is a mess. So to feel better about scrapbooking and to maybe get some mojo out of it, I decided it was time to rearrange, purge, organize and generally rethink my little square foot of area.
So I am about 3/4 of the way done and I have cleaned up the 6 foot table enough that I can't believe how much space there is on it. I have 3 bags of things that I am throwing away so far and plan to start on "the paper" next. Though I won't throw it away, I will probably give the paper that I won't ever use (that I thought I would) to my Mom as she likes to make cards.
I have been at it for hours today but I do feel better and feel like I want to scrapbook something later tonight. Oh yeah, it is later tonight. Well I don't have to go to work tomorrow so I can stay up late.
What made the night even better is that DH has finished the new faucet in the powder room (I think) and he went to pick up Andrew from work. Now I can get back to my cleaning/purging/organizing mess.
Have a very scrappy night everyone!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Well today I ran out and used the gift card at the LSS (which really isn't close but it's the only one I know of) I got for Christmas. I really like this store and can spend hours and hours there, which I did. I had a gift card for $20 plus they were having 20% off of everything in the store so it was a good day to go. I got a calendar to do for the house to put pictures on it of the family. I am excited to work on that tonight.
I also have a gift certificate for my favorite online store I will be spending that one today also.
Well I'd better get down to the dungeon and get to work.
I want to thank all my SAL pals for posting on my new blog. You gals are the best.
Have a Scrappy night everyone.

Friday, December 28, 2007

My New Year's Resolution a bit early

Well I am starting my New Year's Resolution a bit early. I wanted to start my own blog so I jumped right in today and here it is. A bit basic right now but as I learn I hope it will get better. So what are your "Scrapbooking" New Year's Resolutions?
Here are mine.
1. Start a Blog (X Done)
2. Move my scrapbook room from the Scrap Dungeon of a basement into the light (upstairs)
3. Get a great organized Ikea bookshelf w/baskets for that new scrapbook room
4. Get my layouts into albums (X Done)
5. Finish my wedding album (I have been married 21 yrs, must get done soon)
6. Finish my Mexico vacation album (very doable already started)
7. File old photos that were glued in albums before they disintegrate further.
8. Keep my new blog updated with new layouts etc.

Oh and the first person to place a comment and tell me how to get my Blog Title across the top of my blog gets a cool RAK from me.