Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Well today I ran out and used the gift card at the LSS (which really isn't close but it's the only one I know of) I got for Christmas. I really like this store and can spend hours and hours there, which I did. I had a gift card for $20 plus they were having 20% off of everything in the store so it was a good day to go. I got a calendar to do for the house to put pictures on it of the family. I am excited to work on that tonight.
I also have a gift certificate for my favorite online store I will be spending that one today also.
Well I'd better get down to the dungeon and get to work.
I want to thank all my SAL pals for posting on my new blog. You gals are the best.
Have a Scrappy night everyone.


AliciaSharp said...

Glad you got to cash in your GC's! Hope you get your calender done and I cannot wait to see it!!

Shannon said...

Nothing like scrappy shopping!!