Monday, January 28, 2008

Back from our mini vacation

Well we are home from our 4 day whirlwind trip to Vegas, San Francisco and Napa Valley. I say whirlwind because we did only went for 4 days which had 3 hotels stays, 4 plane rides, lots of rain in California, lots of wine on the limo wine tour but it was a great time. I just wish that we had more time and the weather had been better in California. They are experiencing a lot of rain/flooding right now and we caught the beginning of it. It was all worth it to spend time with good friends and enjoy some of those moments that we all deserve.
I will post some pics as soon as I download them. It was hard to take pictures as it was raining so much and the beautiful landscape shots weren't there to see.
Well at least I crossed off another item on my Bucket List as they say and that was to go to California. I still want to go to Los Angeles/Hollywood area as my love of all things movie related draws me there.
Have a wonderful scrappy day and stay warm.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday is my Friday

So here is the SAL Blog Challenge question:
So your challenge this week is to blog about your favorite childhood toys, when you received them, how long you had them and why they were your favorites.

Well as I am not that young of a person and remembering these things is tough. I would have to say that my favorite thing was my Barbie's. My sister and I used to make cardboard beds and Grandmom used to sew us little clothes and pillow etc for our pretend houses we would do. We would play for hours with our handmade stuff for the Barbie's. Back in those days you didn't have the huge plastic houses they do now and you would use whatever you could find in the house to make a bed or a table. It made me think creatively even back then. Sadly I do not have any of those Barbie's anymore. Maybe my sister has them, not sure. Thanks Carla for letting me go back in memory lane for these great times.

Well Thursday is my Friday as I don't work on Fridays and enjoy the whole day off. Since it snowed today it will probably be a stay in the house kind of day.
Enjoy your snowy scrappy day!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wicked Wednesday

Well, it is finally getting cold here and we may actually get a snow flurry or two. But it will just be cold for a few days and then come Tues next week I will be on my way with Dan and 2 other couples for our quick whirlwind of a trip to Las Vegas, San Francisco and then Napa Valley for some wine tasting. It is only a 4 day trip so when I say whirlwind, I mean it! But it is a trip without the kids and our friends are the best and we are looking forward to it. To get ready for this trip we watched the DVD that our son Eric got us for Christmas, "Sideways". If you have ever seen this movie, it is a hoot. Such a spoof on the whole wine tasting thing in Napa Valley.

I finally got over my cold pretty much and the Zicam did help to shorten and lessen the cold.

I am still hanging in there on the "Layout A Day" challenge and am up to 16 layouts done for this month. It is so empowering to realize that you don't think that much and just do it. Use up those precious supplies you have been coveting and just make the layout. I am really glad that I signed up for it. Along with that I did a weekend online crop at and am in the middle of an all week online crop at Now these have been harder to get to but it is all good in the long run.

My daughter is starting to think about starting to look at moving out and getting her own place. She has been looking at real estate online and has contacted a realtor for a townhouse that she would like to look at. She also has to get pre-qualified and has never done that before so she actually filled out an online form tonight. I was impressed that she actually did it. She is thinking of looking at the place this weekend. She is 25 yrs old and is a 7th grade math teacher so it is time to move on. If she finally moves out, I get my Scrapbook Room BACK!!!!!! How exciting is that. I get to move out of the basement Scrap Dungeon. I actually think I will put the name on the door of my room to remind me.

Now the only other thing I need to figure out on this blog thing is how to get my layouts to show up so that you can see them all at one time. Must work on that this week. So if anyone has any advice, please let me know.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Busy Wednesday

Besides the middle of the week, it was just an extremely busy day at work and home. Running Andrew to work and then home to do my layout a day has me just crazy.

So I think I will take a few deep breaths and try to relax a bit before jumping in housework and scrapbooking. So with the writer's strike, the new shows that I am waiting for obviously will not be starting right away, like LOST and 24. I will just have to watch the reality shows or HGTV. Not that I watch alot of tv but I do have my favs. So as we recap last year, what were your fav new shows? My boys and I are totally enamored with "Heroes". We can't get enough of it. I liked a new show about a lawyer for a wealthy family but the name escapes me, guess I didn't like it as much as I thought. With the holidays and the writers strike, I am at a loss to remember them but I know that I did have a few that were really good.
So did you see the new National Treasure movie? IT WAS EXCELLENT!! If you liked the first one you won't be disappointed with this one. I am a huge movie fan and love to see them on the big screen as much as possible.
Well except for the fact that I am getting another cold due to this warm weather trend at the moment, that is about all I know for today. I mean what gives 70 degree weather in MD in mid January!? That is just crazy.
Have a wonderful and scrappy night.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday

It is all good today now that I got some sleep. I took so much sinus medicine on Sunday then I did not sleep a wink on Sun. night. So Monday was a very bad day. I still managed to get my Day 7 layout done for Big Picture Scrapbooking "Get a LOAD of this" challenge though it was hard. Taking a nap helped.
We leave for California small vacation trip on the 22nd of this month and I am starting to feel a sore throat coming on so I'd better not get sick again. The last cold was the worst ever. So I am Zicam'ing it up and hope to stave it off.
So pretty boring for me today so I will just end and hope your day is great.
Happy Scrapping.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My first Blog Challenge

Well my regular scrapbooking message board issued a Blog Challenge to post about family/friend that you feel you must talk to everyday by phone or in person or your day isn't complete. Not via email or pm.

This is my first blog challenge and of course I really don't have anyone that I talk to on the phone or in person except maybe my friend and boss Frank. We have this ritual that when he first walks in the door we recap weekend events, evening events both personal and company wise so I guess that would be someone that I talk to everyday.

If I could wish this I would talk to my Mom everyday on the phone as she is my best friend and I so miss that she isn't closer by so we can do things together. When she is at home in Delaware she is still 2 hrs from me and then during the winter she is a snowbird and her and Pop move to Florida till May. I do email her everyday instead of phoning. The main reason that I made my blog was to have a means for her to read more about my day to day events that I know she loves to hear about.
So that is my first blog challenge and I guess I did okay.
I want to add this layout that I did for the challenge we are all in at Big Picture Scrapbooking so that my Mom can see one of the layouts from the trip to FL last Jan. Hope you like it Mom.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last of the short weeks!

Well this is the last of the short weeks for a while. I am going to relish the stay at home type of weekend. I am almost done putting away the Christmas decorations. I will finish tomorrow and clean the house and get back to order with things.

I have been doing "Big Picture Scrapbooking - Get a LOAD of This!" challenge to do a layout a day for 31 days of January. Boy is this a hard one. You have to just scrap those pictures and not spend your hours and hours getting it just right and just get it done. We are on day 3 and I am still hanging in there. Here is my day 3 layout and it is my favorite so far. This was when the boys were just little ones and they were so adorable then.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Work Day

Hope that you all had a good day today. Back to work was busy, busy. End of month billing for December, reports etc.
Have you De-Christmas'd your house yet. I am close to being done. I have everything down and on the dining room table to be put away except for the Dan's family nativity that is on the fireplace. I do NOT dare touch that piece. He puts it up and unwraps all the pieces that his Mother made and then he takes it down and wraps each piece up. It is the only Christmas decoration I have no say on either. It must go on the fireplace and that is that! It is beautiful and a family heirloom that all the other brothers & sister wish that they had bid on at the family auction once his parents passed away.
I started to write down what I am eating and weighing. I am not dieting but changing what I eat and hopefully it will be better. I planned to start walking outside but of course the weather gods decided to have freezing cold with winds in the 20-30mph range. So I guess up and down the steps a few times doing the decorations will be it tonight except for maybe some crunches.
I really want to feel better and maybe a little lighter before we leave for California on the 22nd of this month. More about the Napa Valley whirlwind of a trip on tomorrow's post.
Make the most of your scrappy night everyone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well Dan and I spent New Years at one of our boating friends party in Upper Upper Pennsylvania. It was an hour and 10 min. drive at 75mph as I was following another boating couple to get there. We stayed the night and had a very nice time. Of course I started the day with a slight sinus headache so by the time I went to bed I definitely wasn't feeling well and then the hostess used a very potent fabric softener that once I hit the bed and smelled it near my face I thought I was going to throw up. This lead to not alot of sleep so once I got up this morning, I took a sinus medicine and all was right with the world. We didn't get home until 2pm but it was a very nice New Years. Andrew had to work today so Dan took him at 4pm and I get the lovely pleasure to pick him up at 9:30pm. I swear I can't wait until he can drive, I think. I have already de-Christmasized the house except to put it all away. It is all sitting on my dining room table. That is all the energy I have for today. Did you take your Christmas decorations down?
Anyway, that was my New Years. How was yours?