Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Work Day

Hope that you all had a good day today. Back to work was busy, busy. End of month billing for December, reports etc.
Have you De-Christmas'd your house yet. I am close to being done. I have everything down and on the dining room table to be put away except for the Dan's family nativity that is on the fireplace. I do NOT dare touch that piece. He puts it up and unwraps all the pieces that his Mother made and then he takes it down and wraps each piece up. It is the only Christmas decoration I have no say on either. It must go on the fireplace and that is that! It is beautiful and a family heirloom that all the other brothers & sister wish that they had bid on at the family auction once his parents passed away.
I started to write down what I am eating and weighing. I am not dieting but changing what I eat and hopefully it will be better. I planned to start walking outside but of course the weather gods decided to have freezing cold with winds in the 20-30mph range. So I guess up and down the steps a few times doing the decorations will be it tonight except for maybe some crunches.
I really want to feel better and maybe a little lighter before we leave for California on the 22nd of this month. More about the Napa Valley whirlwind of a trip on tomorrow's post.
Make the most of your scrappy night everyone.


AliciaSharp said...

Hope your journaling of your food intake works for ya! I would love to see your nativity set!

Jayne said...

Love your blog setup.
Wow, the nativity set sounds beautiful, what a treasure.