Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Busy Wednesday

Besides the middle of the week, it was just an extremely busy day at work and home. Running Andrew to work and then home to do my layout a day has me just crazy.

So I think I will take a few deep breaths and try to relax a bit before jumping in housework and scrapbooking. So with the writer's strike, the new shows that I am waiting for obviously will not be starting right away, like LOST and 24. I will just have to watch the reality shows or HGTV. Not that I watch alot of tv but I do have my favs. So as we recap last year, what were your fav new shows? My boys and I are totally enamored with "Heroes". We can't get enough of it. I liked a new show about a lawyer for a wealthy family but the name escapes me, guess I didn't like it as much as I thought. With the holidays and the writers strike, I am at a loss to remember them but I know that I did have a few that were really good.
So did you see the new National Treasure movie? IT WAS EXCELLENT!! If you liked the first one you won't be disappointed with this one. I am a huge movie fan and love to see them on the big screen as much as possible.
Well except for the fact that I am getting another cold due to this warm weather trend at the moment, that is about all I know for today. I mean what gives 70 degree weather in MD in mid January!? That is just crazy.
Have a wonderful and scrappy night.


Carla said...

Hope you had a relaxing evening!

Nancy said...

I think everyones weather is so weird, It was in the 60's here. Now we are under a winter weather watch - go figure.

AliciaSharp said...

Glad you got to go see your movie and I will be so glad when this writers strike is over! It is interfearing with all my shows!

Dawn W said...

Hi KAthy! Is the Show about the lawyer Dirty Sexy Money? I like that show too. Very interesting!

I will add you to my list of bloggies to haunt!

Jen said...

Hi, Kathy! I'm jealous of the 70 degree weather - although like Nancy said, we had 60s for a couple of days. It's snowing like crazy today and the roads are slippery, but at least we have those couple of nice days to remember, right? Hope your cold gets better!