Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well Dan and I spent New Years at one of our boating friends party in Upper Upper Pennsylvania. It was an hour and 10 min. drive at 75mph as I was following another boating couple to get there. We stayed the night and had a very nice time. Of course I started the day with a slight sinus headache so by the time I went to bed I definitely wasn't feeling well and then the hostess used a very potent fabric softener that once I hit the bed and smelled it near my face I thought I was going to throw up. This lead to not alot of sleep so once I got up this morning, I took a sinus medicine and all was right with the world. We didn't get home until 2pm but it was a very nice New Years. Andrew had to work today so Dan took him at 4pm and I get the lovely pleasure to pick him up at 9:30pm. I swear I can't wait until he can drive, I think. I have already de-Christmasized the house except to put it all away. It is all sitting on my dining room table. That is all the energy I have for today. Did you take your Christmas decorations down?
Anyway, that was my New Years. How was yours?


AliciaSharp said...

I had a great day! It is snowing here! YAY!~!!!! I took all my Christmas down today and put it away! Boy was that a job!! Glad you had a great New Years day!!

Nancy said...

Happy New Year, sound like you had a great time. Our decorations are down and all put away. Even the snowmen, if I leave them out I will have to dust them LOL