Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last of the short weeks!

Well this is the last of the short weeks for a while. I am going to relish the stay at home type of weekend. I am almost done putting away the Christmas decorations. I will finish tomorrow and clean the house and get back to order with things.

I have been doing "Big Picture Scrapbooking - Get a LOAD of This!" challenge to do a layout a day for 31 days of January. Boy is this a hard one. You have to just scrap those pictures and not spend your hours and hours getting it just right and just get it done. We are on day 3 and I am still hanging in there. Here is my day 3 layout and it is my favorite so far. This was when the boys were just little ones and they were so adorable then.


AliciaSharp said...

I love this LO! You did an amazing job on it! Hope you stick in there and make it the whole 31 days. I hope I make it the whole 31 days! HA HA!!

Jayne said...

Cute LO! Love the photo mat shape!
What a great challenge!

Carla said...

You go Girl! 31 LO's you can do it! I love the LO's you have done already!