Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday is my Friday

So here is the SAL Blog Challenge question:
So your challenge this week is to blog about your favorite childhood toys, when you received them, how long you had them and why they were your favorites.

Well as I am not that young of a person and remembering these things is tough. I would have to say that my favorite thing was my Barbie's. My sister and I used to make cardboard beds and Grandmom used to sew us little clothes and pillow etc for our pretend houses we would do. We would play for hours with our handmade stuff for the Barbie's. Back in those days you didn't have the huge plastic houses they do now and you would use whatever you could find in the house to make a bed or a table. It made me think creatively even back then. Sadly I do not have any of those Barbie's anymore. Maybe my sister has them, not sure. Thanks Carla for letting me go back in memory lane for these great times.

Well Thursday is my Friday as I don't work on Fridays and enjoy the whole day off. Since it snowed today it will probably be a stay in the house kind of day.
Enjoy your snowy scrappy day!!!


AliciaSharp said...

I loved my Barbies! I had a slew of them. I wish I had had a sister growing up!

Carla said...

OMG! Kathy I just finished my blog and started looking through everyone else's and you blog reads almost identical to mine. LOL!