Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wicked Wednesday

Well, it is finally getting cold here and we may actually get a snow flurry or two. But it will just be cold for a few days and then come Tues next week I will be on my way with Dan and 2 other couples for our quick whirlwind of a trip to Las Vegas, San Francisco and then Napa Valley for some wine tasting. It is only a 4 day trip so when I say whirlwind, I mean it! But it is a trip without the kids and our friends are the best and we are looking forward to it. To get ready for this trip we watched the DVD that our son Eric got us for Christmas, "Sideways". If you have ever seen this movie, it is a hoot. Such a spoof on the whole wine tasting thing in Napa Valley.

I finally got over my cold pretty much and the Zicam did help to shorten and lessen the cold.

I am still hanging in there on the "Layout A Day" challenge and am up to 16 layouts done for this month. It is so empowering to realize that you don't think that much and just do it. Use up those precious supplies you have been coveting and just make the layout. I am really glad that I signed up for it. Along with that I did a weekend online crop at and am in the middle of an all week online crop at Now these have been harder to get to but it is all good in the long run.

My daughter is starting to think about starting to look at moving out and getting her own place. She has been looking at real estate online and has contacted a realtor for a townhouse that she would like to look at. She also has to get pre-qualified and has never done that before so she actually filled out an online form tonight. I was impressed that she actually did it. She is thinking of looking at the place this weekend. She is 25 yrs old and is a 7th grade math teacher so it is time to move on. If she finally moves out, I get my Scrapbook Room BACK!!!!!! How exciting is that. I get to move out of the basement Scrap Dungeon. I actually think I will put the name on the door of my room to remind me.

Now the only other thing I need to figure out on this blog thing is how to get my layouts to show up so that you can see them all at one time. Must work on that this week. So if anyone has any advice, please let me know.


AliciaSharp said...

Hope you have a great trip and big congrats to your daughter! Hope all works out for you!!

Carla said...

Have a wonderful time at Napa Valley. They sure do have some awesome wines there!