Friday, February 29, 2008


Leap Day....and I have off. How much better can that get. Extra day and time for anything.
Well Andrew had his first driving instruction with the teacher. He got the female instructor so that was probably a good thing. He was so nervous she said that she had to grab the wheel twice to keep from going off the road. She probably thought that we didn't take him out at all and we accumulated 11.5 hrs at home but she says it is not enough. Before the next lesson he needs to have 20 hrs. total. OK, what am I paying for driving class for if I am the one teaching all the driving. You'd think $324.00! amounts to more time on their end for the driving part but NO!! Sorry Vent Over!
So this afternoon when he gets home from school (if he is not feeling too bad) we will take a drive to the pharmacy to pickup the pictures that I ordered. I really don't want to take him to that busier part of town but he has to drive. I swear my whole head will be gray hair by the time he gets his license. And trust me I am pretty grey already so that is not impossible. I just hide it well, LOL!

Otherwise I am working on adding my layouts to my blog again. When I changed the background it took everything off that I had added to it. What a pain.
So what did you do exciting on your Leap Day Friday???


Jen said...

Happy day-after-leap-day, Kathy! That's great that you had a day off - hope it was fun!!

AliciaSharp said...

I worked all day and then came home and went to bed with a migraine! Sounds like your day was better than mine! LOL!!

Sarah E. said...

I hope that Andrew is feeling better!

~*Michele*~ said...

I had to work too :( I hope Andrew is feeling better and got some driving time in!

Nancy said...

Hope everyone is feeling better including the toe, isn't is great we can cover those greys. lol