Friday, February 22, 2008

Little Ice, Little Snow - Our first of the winter

Well as they say we have a "weather event" happening. Not too bad with just an inch of snow and freezing rain on top but hopefully it will warm up and I won't have an issues taking Andrew to work tonight. The snow plow just came through the neighborhood so that will help. I am sure the major roads are fine. Maryland does a good job with them.

So this weeks blog challenge from is as follows:
List 5 Pros and Cons of Winter.....
1. Winter is beautiful when it snows and you don't have to go anywhere
2. I love big sweaters and sweats, they hide a multitude of sins.
3. The cold air kills germs
4. My skin is dry so I purchase more lotion, retailers love me.
5. The night sweats aren't as noticeable when it is cold.
1. Dirty snow is the grossiest
2. I eat more in the winter so come spring I can't wear cute outfits
3. Cooped up in a house leads to more germs
4. Cabin fever
5. I hate wearing coats, hats, gloves etc.

A new scrapbooking company that debuted (is this a word?) at CHA in California was Pink Paislee. They are getting alot of notice and I can't wait to see all their new stamps, etc. Here is their information for their latest live pink community. Hope the code works.?!

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Carla said...

Awesome list Kathy! I enjoyed reading it!

Nancy said...

love your list. Can't believe this is your first snowfall. We have had over 70 inches so far, I could send you some.