Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

I was alot harder to get up this morning for DST than I thought. I knew I should have gone to bed at 11pm instead of 12. I was up at 6am yesterday which was really 7am so I could have gone to bed at 11pm with no problem but I didn't.
I don't mind when we spring forward as I like the evening hours at night. I really don't like when we fall back as I hated it when I left work and it was dark.
I didn't have too much trouble getting Andrew up this morning but he surely didn't like that the sun was just coming up when he was walking to the bus. He wears alot of black or dark clothes so I told him to make sure to not get run over in the morning.
Otherwise, I will deal with it.
Well the earth shaking event that happened this past week (last Tues.) was that I broke my right (of course my driving foot) pinkie toe. I was waking Andrew up for school and turned and stubbed my toe on a 3lb hand weight that shouldn't have been sitting on the floor. The worst part was that that weight had been there for awhile and I knew it. So now I have a chunk cut out of one of my favorite slippers to wear until this heals. On top of that the next day I came down with the stomach bug. Very hard to hobble quickly to the bathroom to throw up plus knealing down and getting up from the floor.
I have added at the bottom of the blog my slider with all my current layouts that I have done. It is the only place on this blog that I could put it that you could see the whole layout without it being cut off. So you will have to scroll to the bottom to see what it new.
Thanks for looking.


Carla said...

DST shouldn't change until the summer if at all :(

Dawn W said...

Sorry about the toe, that sounds very painful. I am still working on getting myself into the DST, love the "extra sun" but hate that I feel to tired!!

Nancy said...

Hopping by to wish you and the family a Happy Easter.