Friday, March 28, 2008


I am so excited for my daughter Heather. She has been living at home since graduating college and getting a teaching job. So today she signed a contract on a townhouse very close to her work. I think I am more excited than she is. For one, I can finally move my scrapbook room that I so generously moved to the basement back up into the light of the highly anticipated soon to be vacant bedroom. If the seller's sign the contract this weekend (they are all the way in Florida and we are in Maryland) then on Monday she will have be under contract and on her way to owning her first home.
I cannot wait to help her with picking out furniture, moving, painting, and basically emptying my basement of all things we have been saving for her. I can't believe how much stuff is down there.
That is my great news for this week.
The bad news was last weekend my oldest son was in a car accident. He or anyone else wasn't hurt so that is the important thing and cars can be fixed. I am so proud (at least at this moment!) he is going to try to repair it himself. We shall see how that turns out. He has never been the car mechanic type but I give him props for attempting it.
So sorry for not having added to my blog but things have been hectic at our house. I got that nasty stomach bug at the same time that I broke my right pinkie toe! Talk about hurt. Its been 3 weeks and is just starting to feel better. Though there is the occasional time where I turn wrong and it still hurts. I am so silly as that immovable hand weight on the floor was there for weeks and I knew it but still my toe ran into it when I wasn't looking. I swear everytime I start an exercise program something happens to me. I think I subconsiously do it as I hate exercising. Do you think that works?
Well have a wonderful weekend and hope that it is getting Spring where you are. It isn't great here yet but getting there.


shadows of life said...

kathy, you crack me up! sorry about the toe, but glad you have some humor about it! :)
yay for heather & for YOU!! it will be sooooo nice to have your scraproom back!

Sarah E. said...

I am so happy for you to get your scraproom back but I am also happy for Heather to get out on her own! YAY!!!

AliciaSharp said...

I am so excited for you! Congrats to Heather and I hope your toe gets well soon!

Suzanna said...

Yay to having your scrap room back! How exciting!! Congrats to your daughter on her first home, and thank goodness your son isn't hurt from the accident.

Your blog is really pretty, I haven't seen one like this before, the colors are nice!

Carla said...

1 down and 2 to go :0 Glad for both of you!

Nancy said...

yeah congrats on getting your room back....theres no place like home.

Dawn W said...

Congrats on getting your room back...and congrats to your daughter. Sorry about your sons accident, at least it didn't involve injury.

Hope your toe heals quickly.