Sunday, April 6, 2008


So my friend "Ninja Jen" has tagged me to write 7 WEIRD/UNUSUAL things you may not know about me. Hmmm...don't mind doing the tag but unfortunately I am not as popular as Jen and I don't know 7 other people to tag. But I will at least answer the tag.

1. I like to enter contests. The thrill of winning anything. It could be a key chain or a big trip, anything. I once entered a Frito-Lay contest and won a trip to Las Vegas to drive a real race car around a track at over 130mph. Yes, my Mother & I went and we did drive many many laps around a real track. I have the pictures to prove it too. Talk about a thrill but never again. I was never so scared in my whole life.

2. I love peanut butter and mostly with chocolate.

3. I am not athletic.

4. I have learned I am afraid of heights ever since I went to the Grand Canyon.

5. I love Caramel Latte's. ALOT!!!

6. I love to watch movies and especially ones of the futuristic type of science fiction mostly. Think Star Trek, Star Wars etc.

7. The youngest of my children is graduating high school this June.