Friday, May 23, 2008

Soooo Busy!!!

Sorry to not have been on recently. I am so busy at home. Spent 2 weeks just helping Heather clean her new place, now I need to get mine ready for my youngest son's high school graduation party, plus I have a local Breast Cancer Walk to do on the 30th. My Mom and Aunt are both survivors and my chiropractor is also. So I walk for them and for my health.
Well some good news is that I got that Photoshop 6.0 digital layout software that I have been wanting. I am seriously enjoying the digital layouts when I don't have time at night to dig out the paper stuff I can just come to the computer and at least keep my creativeness working. Along that line one of the message boards (one for digital scrappers) had a designer looking for people to be on her Creative Team to use her designs and create digital layouts to show online as a means to sell her work. Well I got picked to be on her team. Her name is Brenda from Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage.
Her blog is
I am so excited to have my work shown on her blog and to get her beautiful digital papers and elements to work with. It has been great so far.
So look below this post for some of the new layouts that I have done for her.
Well off to do some cleaning and run curtains that came in over to daughters new house.

Oh and I hand drew the lines on the baseball with my mouse. See how much I need to learn they are so wiggly

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Well May 5th may be Cinco de Mayo but it is also daughter's settlement day. I can't believe it is finally here. I am on my way to getting my scrapbook room back but better yet my daughter is on her way to becoming a homeowner and an independent woman. She has saved for this and I feel that we have taught her something about saving and being careful what you spend your money on. Oh but of course she does have a weakness for shopping but she always comes home and says how much she saved on her purchases or what coupons she used to get it.
I am looking forward to helping her clean her new townhouse and with purchasing/decorating it to see what she does with all the furniture we have saved for her. It may all be hand me downs now but she says she doesn't care. She says when she has money for something new she will get it bit by bit.
Next is Andrew's graduation in June and all my children will be done high school. I may not have cried with the other two but I know that I will with Andrew as this has been a long and hard road to graduation. Filled with many nights of checking homeworks, punishments for not doing homeworks, retaking tests and staying after school to redo work. I really hope that he appreciates all that we have done to get him there as if we hadn't assisted, he wouldn't be graduating.
Have a great evening.