Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Well I realized I hadn't been on my blog for quite awhile with all I had going on here. I am just hanging at home today as yesterday was really busy and extremely warm. I have been really busy with the digital layouts for Brenda's CT that I am on. I love creating the digital but still can't wait for all Heather's things to be moved out so I can have my scrapbook room back.
Since Andrew graduated he purchased a laptop with his graduation money and is learning how to use it. When I get my scrapbook room done, I will take his old PC (which isn't very old) and put it in there. So I can escape doing paper or digital layouts. I hope that this all gets done by the summers end.
I will try to post some new digital layouts that I have done at the bottom of this post or in the slide show.
Thanks for reading.


Shannon said...

Kathy these are awesome layouts!!! Hope you get your scraproom back soon!

Jen said...

Love all the layouts! I need to learn more techniques for the digi stuff - all I can do are the basic squares!

Dawn W said...

Hey Kathy, great digital's!!! Hope you get your room all prepared soon, that will be a great escape room....especially with a computer!

Carla said...

love the survivor page Kathy!!

Beckie said...

Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :o) Enjoy the fireworks tonight!!