Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Wow where has the summer gone already! We celebrated the 4th quietly at home but did take a short trip to town to see the fireworks. Andrew is the only child home right now. With Heather moved out and Eric working/living at the summer camp it is pretty quiet here.
Today Andrew has work later but we are just hanging out. I have been working on moving all my scrapbook stuff from the Scrap Dungeon to the room that is now empty from Heather moving out. What a chore!! You just don't realize how much stuff you have being a paper scrapbooker, digital is so much easier.
Mostly I have been working to get a stupid burr/splinter out of the bottom of my husband's foot. He walks around in his bare feet alot so they are very tough but he isn't so it is proving to be a challenge. MEN! What a pain, literally! Luckily he doesn't read my blog.
So I need to go move my 6 foot table from the basement up two flights of steps and I can't get that done until I get that thing out of his foot as I can't carry the table myself as it is very heavy.
So I leave you with a little request for some prayers for my Dad, he is stuggling with some unknown medical issues right now and he could use all the help he can get.
Thanks and Happy 4th weekend.


DawnW said...

Prayers to your Dad, hope he feels better. Good luck with the move of your scrappin' space. Sounds like you had the same 4th of July we did, a nice day at home.

Shannon said...

Prayers for your dad!! I know it is a lot of work, but that new scraproom will be nice! Enjoy the peace and quiet!! I'll miss ya this year for CHA. You were a great roomie!!