Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Wednesday

What a beautiful day it is. Poor Andrew didn't pass his drivers test on Tues. He didn't do well enough on the parallel parking which he seems to nail everytime for his Dad. Nervous I guess. He seems to be doing well in college and liking it. Though I do still need to remind him to do his work. He takes it again on Friday so say a little prayer for him.

My Dad has been very tired from the cancer and the pneumonia that he got also. He had a CAT scan on Tues and has a dr. appt. on Thurs. with the test results. I don't expect a miracle, I just don't want him to be worse. It is just so hard to handle this far enough away that I can't just jump in the car and visit. We will be doing a big birthday party for him the end of this month.

DH is doing the Bike to the Bay which benefits MS I believe. He will be biking 75 miles on the 27th of this month. He has been steadily biking for the past month and where we live is very hilly so the Bike to the Bay is pretty much flat and straight so he thinks that he will be fine.

We still haven't heard anything about his job and the new position he applied for. They say by the end of the month and I just want this to be over with one way or another. The suspense is driving me crazy.

Don't forget to drop into two of my favorite scrapbooking board sites, and One is a paper site and the other a digital scrapbooking site. I love them both.

Good news I had another layout published in Scrapbook News and Review (the online magazine) which comes out today I believe. It is one of my paper layouts of my sister and I dressed alike for a wedding we were in in the 1970's. The outfits were so hilarious but I am sure that we thought they were awesome when we wore them.

Happy Scrapping!!


Carla said...

I saw your LO, Congrats!!! I will continue to pray for your dad.

AliciaSharp said...

Congrats on SNR!!! That is great! You and your family are still in my prayers. Let me know if I can do anything for you! Tell Andrew I said good luck!! Parallel parking is always the hardest!!