Friday, October 24, 2008

Been Car Shopping Lately?

Oh man, what a chore and I am so very confused. Another weekend of car shopping. I have no idea what I want so that makes it even harder. Up for testing driving this weekend are the Nissan Versa, Toyota Matrix, Mazda 6 hatchback, Kia Spectra 5. Any thoughts?? Andrew now has his license and we need to get another car so I can give him my old one. I would much rather be scrapbooking and if the weather proves to be rainy and windy that is probably what I will be doing.
I desperately need to start on some holiday gifts so we shall see. Plus I want to work on my idea for Christmas cards this year.
Almost 6 wks until the Birthday D-Day. I really don't want this birthday. I don't want to move to the next number after 49. So the push is on to lose some weight and exercise until D-Day. Wish me luck.

Since I can't eat any of that good Halloween candy this year (not on the diet) tell me what your favorite candy is so I can dream of it instead of eating it??