Sunday, January 25, 2009

Making Memories giveaway from CHA

Ok here's the scoop, but realize I want to win it... hehehe!! I so need a Slice Tool.
They have the greatest cards coming up for the Slice Tool and a new embossing tip also. I didn't get one for Christmas but I will be looking everywhere to get one real soon. Unless of course I win one!!!


We've got some huge excitement going on in the booth here right now because our first Slice was just awarded here to a lucky CHA Show attendee! You will have a chance to win your own Slice later on today, but in the meantime, we're ready to give away our next great prize.

The Live Broadcast from CHA in Anaheim, CA is

Our live broadcast can be seen at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I wish that I could have stayed home to watch all the events but work came first. Though not a single order today. I wonder how long I will be there. Hard working for a company of two people and the other person is the CEO. Guess who will go first.

Well we got our first snow on Sun/Mon. that amounted to maybe an 1/2" but it was snow and I was glad to see a little bit of it.

Anyway, I am loving all the peeks that I have been seeing on the boards from Pink Paislee, Teresa Collins, Scenic Route and MM.
I so wish that I was going to CHA this winter. Have always wanted to go to California. It is on the bucket list for sure.

I want to do something special since I am so down in the dumps about work and am thinking giving away something {heart} related will make me feel better.

So I am thinkin'?? Comment on my blog here and give me the exact color of my new car. All correct answers will go into a random draw and my son pick a winner to get a {heartfelt} prize in time for V-Day!! You have till the end of the week to post your comments.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Layout of New Car

Here is a layout I did for the sketch challenge at PageMaps blog. It is of "My New Sweet Ride". Sorry about the lighting on this, my scanner doesn't like bumpy things and the 3d Sassafras Buttons were causing it grief but I love them. I think this is my favorite layout so far.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well a New Year and a New Car!

I picked up my new Kia Sportage yesterday. It is so much bigger than my previous car and I am excited to learn how to drive/park this car. I am hoping by having a bigger car that I will get back into local crops and enjoy/use more of my scrap supplies this year. I don't think I have been to a crop (except online) since 2006 or 2007. See I can't even remember.

Per my Scrap-A-Latte blog challenge I am to blog my New Years Resolutions. These are going to be different than previous years.
1. Blog more often and visits friends blogs as frequently
2. Be creative at least once a week
3. Love my family more this year and keep in touch more (losing a family member does this to you)
4. Clean more often
5. Work harder at my job to get more sales for our small company
6. Exercise (yes I know this one is from before but I need to)
7. Keep my new car clean
8. Budget, watch my expenses and at all costs do not use credit card
9. In regard to the above, post items on ebay for sale to help with budget
10. I had to make it an even 10 so this one is to make 1 new card a month
Seems like alot but I think if I do 1/2 of them I will be doing good.

Here is a picture of my new car

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Okay time to ring out the really bad 2008 and celebrate a new year. I really, really hope 2009 is a better year for my family and for everyone.

One of my New Year's scrapping resolutions is to blog more often, post more layouts on my blog and pop into friends and mfg. blogs also. I want to create more things and feel that is attainable now that I have a wonderful new room to do it in. The IKEA wall shelving unit (for my birthday) has been put up and I will take a picture to show everyone sometime today.

We are in the negotiations to purchase a new car for me so youngest son can have my old car since he is in college now and next semester classes are such that dropping him off/p.u. are inconvenient. He was asked by the Photo 101 professor to be her assistant next semester so I hope he is motivated more in 2009 also.

Well enough for today. Have a wonderful New Years Day and a scrappy day!