Sunday, January 25, 2009

Making Memories giveaway from CHA

Ok here's the scoop, but realize I want to win it... hehehe!! I so need a Slice Tool.
They have the greatest cards coming up for the Slice Tool and a new embossing tip also. I didn't get one for Christmas but I will be looking everywhere to get one real soon. Unless of course I win one!!!


We've got some huge excitement going on in the booth here right now because our first Slice was just awarded here to a lucky CHA Show attendee! You will have a chance to win your own Slice later on today, but in the meantime, we're ready to give away our next great prize.

The Live Broadcast from CHA in Anaheim, CA is

Our live broadcast can be seen at


Nancy said...

Thanks for the info, I want a slice also. Good Luck.

~*Michele*~ said...

Thanks for the link, hope you win a slice! Good Luck!!

Lucy said...

Did you win? If not, you know you can get a Slice from Scrap ETC! We are probably going to have one or two to giveaway at the Scrap ETC event....more reason for you to come!!!

Hope to see you there!!!