Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sad News for Christmas

The Saturday before Christmas in the midst of the biggest snowstorm in years, our sweet 18 yr old cat, Penny finally succumbed to old age or sickness we aren't sure which. She was failing in weight and listless and since the storm was immense, we didn't want to risk our lives to have her pass away in a cold, ER pet hospital so we just kept her comfortable all day long in her favorite place in front of the fireplace and we said our goodbye's and told her we loved her and will miss her terribly. I had never had a cat before but I have known others and I can unbiasedly tell you that Penny was the sweetest most affectionate, lap sitting cat I have ever known.
She was my cat mostly but we all loved her and I will miss her more than any pet I have ever had.
Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a joyous New Year!!